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Monday, July 21, 2014

Day 8!

I finally made joy balls! After making my own tahini of course. And I got the almond butter balls ready too but didn't "ball" them. I hauled a cooler full plus 2 big grocery sacks to Saratoga for the week, I think I bought my weight in greens!! I also got some buffalo meat for this week and some ground turkey (I didn't even think about deer! Duh!). I also cooked 3 cups of quinoa last night, probably enough for this week and more. I'm going to see if my girlfriends will let me cook them cleanse food tomorrow night for girls night :) they are pretty easy going. I'm thinking a meaty salad ought to do it!
I'm still not doing great on my water intake, by I am on my 3rd quart now.

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