"Do or do not, there is no try." - Yoda

Monday, July 21, 2014

Personal cleansing

I am still on the "cleanse your environment" page. I thought about it today, and even though having an apartment takes a lot of stress off of me, it makes it hard to keep things cleaned up because I'm always doing two places and I can never keep up. There are things in my apartment that I need to clean up and purge, but I don't always have time during the week. Then I go to Rawlins for the weekend and it's something else entirely. It makes me feel like I have a very scattered to-do list. When we lived in the trailer (when we first moved in) we had so much stuff that on the little window ledges in the spare room and on the dressers in the office I had boxes stacked all the way to the ceiling. Over the almost 5 years that we lived there, I have purged a bunch of stuff, made countless trips to the thrift store, and sold stuff at a yard sale. So it's getting better. But I feel like I would get so much more done with just one place to focus on and also oh yeah - no commute. An hour and a half a day is a lot if you think about it this way: If I get off at 4, and I'm home by 4:45 and I start to get ready for bed around 9, that barely gives me 4 hours to do things. On the current diet, about 75% or more of that time is spent prepping food and washing the dishes afterward. I didn't even have time to do much on the weekend. 

This week I bought a lot of ready-to-eat veggies like snap peas, carrot slices, and big tubs of spinach, salad mix, and baby kale (some for smoothies) that I can just use as needed. I'll have to think about that when I make my smoothie in the morning because I don't have much frozen fruit in Saratoga. 

That is why I'm happy to tell you that there was a job opening at the BLM and they even geared it toward me and made the opening a short window so not many people can apply. I'm really excited and nervous because I appreciate the current job I'm in, but I'm also relishing the opportunity to move on in my career and finally live in the same town as Ray. 5 years in 2 towns is long enough. I spent all last week in Rawlins and besides the commute, it was great. We got to spend time together (oh wait, I was prepping food...) and do things as a team. Like dishes. Everyone knows we hate doing dishes. They go so much better and faster if you have someone to commiserate with. But anyway, about the job, keep your fingers crossed for me! 

Ladies...only 6 days to go! 
Lots of Love,

You may never know what results come of your action, but if you do nothing there will be no result.    

-Mahatma Gandhi

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