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Monday, July 28, 2014

Turkey Burgers

So I made the Turkey burgers from the cleanse book, and they are awesome, but I get really gassy when I eat them! Do you think it's because they combine sesame seeds and meat? Other than that they are heavenly. Today at lunch I had a big salad with kalamata olives, celery and the turkey burger. I did have eggs for breakfast this morning, but didn't have time to go get fresh ones at lunch to keep the testing. I did get a neck hive, but I was getting those periodically during the cleanse. I'm planning on getting some eggs and having some for dinner. Not sure what to eat with eggs besides veggies.... Since they are a protein, under the conscious cleanse guidelines you wouldn't combine them with another protein or a grain right? What about potatoes? I have half a baked potato at home...

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