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Monday, July 14, 2014


The newly stocked fridge.
Starting off sleepless and exhausted is not what I had in mind for the first day of the cleanse. I was up late washing and prepping food. I think I can safely say that I must never prepare food in advance. I usually just throw a bunch of "ingredients" in a bag and haul groceries to work.

Celery Sticks, Grapes, Carrots, Salad, Avocado.

So I'm a little worried about today, I guess. On a day like today I would rely on caffeine to keep me awake, and I don't feel like I should take a sick day to sleep.

Then there was a moth Hobbes needed to attack in my room as I was trying to go to sleep at 11 pm. If it were a children's story it would be "Swirling Killer Tornado Cat!". This morning he found it in the bathroom and was meowing at it "dibs! That's my moth! Come down here moth so I can play with and mangle you!!" The moth wanted no part of it.
Chia Seed pudding, beets, chicken, brown rice
(not necessarily for one meal)

I decided to drive to Rawlins every night this week for the cleanse so I wouldn't have to think about hauling food to Saratoga and making sure I had enough in each place. On top of it all I misplaced my book somewhere, and haven't found it yet. I'm hoping it's at my apartment, because I need to check in and look at some of the recipes. 

I made chia seed pudding for breakfast this morning, but I didn't have the ingredients all right, so it's definitely not as tasty as the one I made last week. I didn't have agave, so I used honey, didn't even think about maple syrup. And I didn't measure, so it's like super sticky and not sweet enough. I did get my quart of water down pretty quick though. I drank 2 big glasses full before I left the house and polished it off on the commute. I'm going to miss my acai energy. I guess there's not really any reason not to drink it, but I was a little wary since they said there's no need to take supplements on the cleanse. What do you guys think? 

Some of my goodies from natural grocers.
I just have a really basic salad today. Lettuce, chopped celery and chicken breast grilled with lemon pepper. I found a slightly less expensive natural chicken ($.4.99/lb instead of $7.99!!) and they had thin sliced chicken breasts which are great for salads and they cooked fast. I just used trader joe's lemon pepper spice grinder to season them. I do also have avocado and raw pumpkin seeds for toppers and I brought olive oil and vinegar for dressing. 

I tried making my own almond butter last night and decided that it wasn't worth the trouble. Not only was I worried I was going to burn up the motor of my awesome food processor, but it took FOREVER! I started adding coconut oil to it to try and make it form a paste, but it's still kinda funky. I bet I added at least a 1/4 -1/3 cup coconut oil! It could have been I didn't get them dehydrated enough, but I think next time I'm buying it at the store, fresh ground. 

I did get some raw cookies from natural grocers, so maybe I'll eat a cookie for breakfast to cheer me up. I also dressed really cute today hoping that will help. I was able to doctor my chia seed pudding with honey, coconut water, and cinnamon. 

I'm hoping that tonight will be better rest and less time on the food. I think I didn't give myself enough time to prep yesterday, I didn't get back from the grocery store until 7:30 and then I was ravenous. I didn't do the smoothie today, but I think I will in my big blender tomorrow. 

Here's to having a better attitude, sleeping better, and getting the toxins out!
LOL (lots of love)

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