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Thursday, July 17, 2014

Welcome to Day 4!

Isn't it pretty? ;) Today's smoothie features  coconut water, spinach, a peach, a mango, and heaping spoonful of coconut oil. It's layered because I'm using my magic bullet and it just doesn't fit a quart. I think its my best smoothie yet!!! It is sweet and delicious. The coconut oil adds a nice dimension to it that I'm really enjoying. Plus I hear that coconut oil is good for encouraging bowel movements! I always need some of that :)

I've been having some aching in my pelvis/hip flexor area. I attributed it to not feeling well on Monday and Tuesday and not getting any exercise (plus the extra commute time that I don't normally have all week). However yesterday I got 30 min of walking in and this morning I even went for a spontaneous short run. I thought it would help. But on my drive to work I could barely stand it!! I caved and took some ibuprofen...I have to work 8 hours still and I'm not sure I would make it!!

I also texted my massage therapist to see if I can get in. I did this awesome thing and created a secondary savings account called Health and I've been putting $30 a pay period in there for the last couple months, so it's a great feeling to know my massage is essentially paid for :) Maybe I should try to see the Chiro too..

My headache seemed to go away yesterday morning, but it was back in the afternoon. Same throbbing in the head. Seems to throb bad if I bend over or stand up quickly. 

I went easy last night and just ate leftover veggies and rice from the other night. I think tonight I'll have to wash and prep some more, I'm starting to get low on greens that are readily accessible. In fact it's amazing how quickly I seemed to deplete my fresh food resources. 

I have been getting up earlier, but I can't seem to make myself sit down for 15 minutes and write. Maybe it was the body aches :) I'm trying to catch up on the day to day reading, but I got sleepy last night in the middle of Day 3, and figured I would listen to my body and hit the hay. 

Today, feeling much more spunky, hopefully I did a little better in packing snacks today, but I still haven't made the joy balls of almond butter balls. I might do that tonight, maybe tonight is a prep night. I also have a bbq I'm going to tomorrow, so I need to pack some goodies that I can eat. I was hoping to make this raw dessert Black and White Vegan Cheese Cake . Do you think this is cleanse approved? I mean, do you think I can eat a slice, or should I just make it easier on myself and bring a big salad?

No point in making something that deliciously decadent (and gluten and dairy free) if I can't eat it. I might as well make a regular cake. Addie does love my carrot cake, but I'm not sure I'm up for making that either. 

Anywho, rambling! I can't belive I'm going to say this, but it's 8:30 and my first quart of water and my smoothie are gone! I'm going to do good on my water intake today!!! I haven't been doing so hot the last 2 days. I maybe drank 2-3 quarts, and it should be 4. 

Today's Inspirational Quote: "What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us." -Ralph Waldo Emmerson

Lots of Love,

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