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Sunday, July 20, 2014

Whew! Made it! Day 7

Congrats ladies we made it to the halfway point!!!

How's everyone feeling? I'm on top of the world! I have pooped 5 times in the last... Oh 18 hours I guess. That's a huge deal for me!! I sometimes don't go every day.

Yesterdays foods were:
Green smoothie with mango, peach, spinach, and I ate my coconut oil separate because I forgot to add it. I ate 4 organic apricots, a big salad with dill, celery, carrots and snap peas and the citrus dressing (just 1 tbsp oil plus 2 tbsp lime juice). I snacked in green grapes, carrots and snap peas and had a second smoothie of peaches, spinach and water with maca.

I talked Ray into riding with me to Encampment and going hiking while I dyed yarn and so I took him out to dinner afterwards and just sipped my green smoothie in torturous jealousy while Ray ate a juicy burger and fries. Man was that tough! Luckily we sat out on the patio and were side by side so I wasn't staring straight at it the whole time.

When we got home I put my artichoke and Brussel sprouts on to steam while I took a shower (the dye pots were heated by a wood fire so I smelled like camping) and then ate my Brussels drizzled with olive oil and my artichoke (second course) but naked because I love artichokes that much AND I couldn't eat butter even if I wanted to.

That filled me up really good. I don't think I got as much water down yesterday because I didn't feel thirsty after eating all those fresh foods. So I'm trying to consciously drink more water today.

I am SO looking forward to dinner tonight!! I'm going to splurge on some salmon and do the ginger broiled salmon but on the grill.

I am feeling in a pretty good mood, although in still aching in the butt area. I'm hoping that goes away soon. Is it bad that I don't really want to eat another salad between now and dinner time? I am getting hungry finally. I didn't get up until 10 and I didn't finish my first quart of water and start on my smoothie until 12:15. I did just have some grapes because I went for a walk and I got hot.

I hope everyone is excited for the final week! I'm going to go grocery shopping and stock up and stay down in Saratoga this week so I have to be organized tonight and tomorrow morning.

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  1. Wow! what a girlfriend that you took Ray out to dinner and didn't even have 1 french fry? I had one of my amazing raw snacks from Natural grocers and I made that Beilers broth :P not impressed. Trying to finish it today, it's not horrible, but it needs green chile as papa said. I thought about adding cayenne, but the book said not to this weekend. I keep seeing that picture of Megan's cabbage mango salad scroll by and I want it. Why does it look like it has bacon in it?