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Thursday, July 24, 2014

Day 11: superfood smoothie!!

I did mango instead of banana, and I added chia seeds since I didn't have my goji berries or my almond butter. It was one of the few times I tried to follow the smoothie recipe! I think I added a smidge too much kale :P but it's still drinkable. I also added coconut oil because I want to see if it helps with my bowel movements and almond milk because I didn't have coconut water.

Last night I went golfing with the girls and we had a blast! After, we went out to dinner, and I did great! Although I did have the sinking feeling that my asparagus was cooked in butter, I didn't get sick! So I don't know if it was something else or I just didn't have a reaction. But that, salmon, and a little side salad with just cucumbers and oil and vinegar. Cleanse friendly!!
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